Mar 16

Fashion Editorial

Every type of shoot in general has a beginning point and the entire shoot uses this as a fall upon core. Everything is based around this whole point. This is referred to as a Clients Brief.? In Fashion Shoots its the usually the Dressing style and the expressive details which inspiration is derived from, and which make all the visual difference. For the launch of Angelo Estera?s Bridal Collection for Spring-Summer 2016, our main motive was to create something interesting, something that would stand out, something extraordinary and exciting. We decided to use our knowledge, expertise, and our personal touches to create this vibrant concept. Putting together something as fabulous as this, requires a classic collaboration of professionals who are experts in their individual field. In every image which is loved and admired, people usually see just the image, what they don?t see is the hard work, and the amount of passion and love that goes into making that image such a success. This blog will take you into the behind the scenes of what really went on behind this shoot and I promise you will love the image even more once you know how much of effort we have […]
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