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Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai
Photo Studio Rental in Dubai

How do we go about it?

Choose from our various Studio rental Options below. You can go from Hourly to Full Day with various additional options available. If you can't find what you are looking for, fill in the form below with the details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Studio Rental Terms and Conditions

  • The rental time is calculated from Entry to Exit and not the actual start time of the shoot.
  • Booking time ends 10 minutes before the end of the reservation. The remaining time should be used to dissemble any equipment and return the studio as received.
  • Studio Rental for Video is ideal only for Talking Heads or 1-2 person Interviews.
  • Studio Rental for Video includes only Space. Booker to communicate with Studio Director if they require equipment and what kind is required based on the nature of their shoots.
  • Additional Hours will be charged 10 minutes before the closing of the hour if the shoot is not wound up.
  • In the case of individual Photographers, they will need to have valid experience with Studio shoots. Profile approval may be required.
  • Studio rental hours can be extended if the studio is free after the allotted time. You can extend the rental time at AED250/hour
  • Towards the end of the rental time, the premises must be put in order and all props must be handed over. Any waste material generated during a shoot (balloons, party poppers, snow, etc) must be removed before the end of the rental period for the shooting pavilion, or a cleaning fee of AED150 will be charged.
  • The Studio is not obliged to extend booking time due to clients being tardy or for circumstances not directly created by the studio.
  • Damage of equipment or property due to negligence will incur additional charges and penalties.
  • Any balance payment is due on the day of the rental.
  • Any delay in payment of invoice will incur a late fee of 25% per day of delay.
  • Studio360 is not obliged to provide any props or services other than that what was quoted and invoiced for. Please check with the Studio Director before utilizing an additional resource.
  • In case of change of date, Booker will have to let us know no later than 48 hours from the date of rental.
  • Advanced booking fee will be nullified if the booking is cancelled or rescheduled a day before the said date. The advance will be considered as a cancelation fee, as the slot was kept 100% for the purpose of the Booker as per their request.
  • The session time will have to be strictly maintained to not collide with other bookings.
  • The Booker is responsible for the space, leased equipment, and safety of their crew during the rental period.
  • Studio360 reserves the right to reject any booking request.
  • There is zero tolerance to smoking and vaping within the premises.
  • Client should ensure everyone is in their best health while using the Studio.
  • Studio360 is not obliged to provide pro rata rates based on previous estimates.
  • For further questions regarding this invoice, please contact us at 04 240 6445.
  • All rates exclude 5% VAT

Booking Form for Studio Rental

Please fill out this form with your Shoot details and Contact information. The more information you provide the better! We will then get back to you with an official Quote as soon as possible. 

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